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Upcoming Elections Interview With Kenny Estep

Upcoming Local Officer Election

By Hank Fitch

Over the past weeks I’m sure you’ve noticed the election signs and posters all over Arbon, as well as the rest of Power County. These are to promote the few candidates who are trying to get elected or re-elected into the office of their choosing. After seeing these around American Falls, and also along the long, lonely road back home, I started thinking to myself about the issues that could be presented to the candidates in the upcoming election. After weighing some thoughts around in my head, I began to wonder, “What are things that effect us as a community here in Arbon?” “How could I find out more about the people running for office and what their opinions are about these issues?” Over the next few days, and after some conversations about Arbon-related issues with Jacob Andersen, we decided that it would be a good idea for me to interview Kenny Estep, and find out more about his views on things that effect the Valley, not only for our knowledge and benefit, but for the benefit of all of the residents of Arbon.

On the night of Friday the 21st, I went to Kenny’s to interview him, and find out more about his views. I came up with three questions that I felt were in the best interest of Arbon. They are as follows:

Kenny, what is your opinion on the proposal of a new set of power lines coming through the Valley?

Kenny’s answer went as follows:

The power lines coming through, are necessary and will happen eventually. He said that he will do everything in his power to work out a way to bring them through the valley so that the least amount of people are effected, or the least amount of landowners have to have these power lines come through their land. It is necessary though, for them to come through because of the growing need for power all over Idaho. He said he will do everything that he can to make sure that the people that are effected, or the people on whose land the power lines are put, get a fair compensation for their land used.

My next question for him was this: “Where do you stand on the CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation) laws?”

His answer went as follows:

CAFO’s or Confined Animal Feeding Operations, are mainly laws that deal with managing Feedlots. (Unlike what I originally thought, these new ordinances wouldn’t have a lot to do with our ranches out here in Arbon…) He said that he will do what he can to make ordinances that adequately protect the owners of the CAFO’s and home owners. The real debate about these issues comes from ordinary people who don’t like living next to feedlots of dealing with the smell and other things that comes with being next to them. Kenny assured me that both parties can be happy and that he will work to make sure that they both get what they want and the new ordinances bring positive results to both parties.

My final question for him was thus: “In what ways do you feel you will best represent the interests of your Arbon Valley constituents?”

Kenny’s last response was this:

He said that he will continue to keep the services we have in Arbon and Power County as a whole, and do his best to see to upgrades to those services, where possible. He will also push for realistic growth so that we can remain a community. He said he will do everything he can to represent us as best as he possibly can.

I would like to quickly thank Kenny Estep for taking the time out of his personal life to answer my questions. Best of luck Kenny!

School Program


he Arbon Elementary school will be performing their school program Monday, May 24th (today), at 10am and again at 7pm at the Elementary school.  All are invited to come and watch the kids.  We will do a story on the program afterwards, but I wanted to get the word out so that everyone was aware.

We’ll see you there!

Residents Approve Levy

Levy Passes


record number of residents voted on Tuesday to overwhelmingly approve the school levy as proposed by the school board.  There were 66 voters, 62 in favor and 4 against the levy (94% approval).

The school board would like to express their appreciation and the support of the Arbon community.



Observation from the South End

How green is our Valley??   I love springtime in Arbon!

The deep green of the fall wheat in contrast with the bitter-sweet chocolate brown of the fresh plowed fields makes me want to mimic it in a quilt for my bed.  There are occasional patches of last years stubble fields adding  two-toned, diagonal stripes of beige to the landscape.  Then there are the areas where seeds have had to be replanted because of our long winter.   It looks as though a creek has carved crazily curving canyons of brown through the otherwise verdant green.

To add texture to the crazy quilt we have long abandoned sheds which have stood against the years of endless wind but are now leaning  closer and closer to the ground from which the wood boards of which they are built once sprung.  They only time they  hear the voice of human companionship  when engaged couples  come to take  pictures for their wedding announcements.

A small flock of pelicans, presumably on their way to American Falls Reservoir, found a weekend refuge in the flooded meadow north of Ardean Andersen’s home.  A few friendly cranes joined them at their temporary bed and breakfast.

I often wish I were a hawk and could fly slowly over this valley, occasionally riding the thermals high up in the air to be able to view it as the king-sized comforter it is.   As a friend recently told me after visiting for only one day, ” I think this valley might be  like it’s people… beautiful from the inside out.”



School Levy Election on Tuesday

The school levy election will be held tomorrow, May 18th, at 12pm. The poll location will be at the Arbon Elementary school. Polls will close at 8pm.

The following is the slide show that was presented at the community meeting last week. If you cannot see the slideshow in your email, please view this article in the Arbon-Valley.com website.

Arbon school levy 2010