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Remembering Arbon

Some know me though likely most don’t, but I grew up in Arbon from 1951 through 1973. Our home was on the Knox Canyon Road where the beautiful log home now sits. My grandpa William Allard homesteaded there in 1909. I went to school there and was one of the students that helped put up the A on the hill just north of the school… My teacher Mr. Fackerell, lived in the cottage there. The Lewis’ drove the VW school bus; the blizzards would close our road for weeks (before rotary snow plows) and bury the bunk house. Our phone number was three shorts and along and everything had to go through Gena Newport, one long.

Though I have left the valley I still feel as though I’m home when I crest the mountain from Mink Creek. A few weeks ago my sister Linda and I made our annual trek to Arbon. We visited with Nelda and Dejanet Williams, Steve Purdy and met with new friends we didn’t know we had. We recalled or days riding the bus to Am. Falls with Sherm or Rhea Swim behind the wheel.

I want to thank the residents of the valley for keeping it so much as we have remembered… Beautiful and Friendly. A couple years ago I even got to ring the old school bell I rung back in the 60’s. Thank you Arbon for holding my heart with the care you always have..

Thank you and your people Arbon…..

Dan Nuckols

Thank You!

I would like to send out a great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful ladies here in Arbon that brought food for us after my surgery. It was all delicious and we enjoyed it so much. Its good neighbors that make this Valley a wonderful place to live.

I am doing better slowly but surely. Again Thank You so much.

Rene’ Bradley

Notice of Budget Hearing

School District No. 383
Power County, Idaho

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a meeting of the Board of Trustees of School District No. 383, Power County, Idaho, will be held on June 14, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Arbon School, at which meeting there shall be a public hearing on the maintenance and operation budget for the forthcoming school year.

A copy of the proposed budget as determined by the Board of Trustees is available for public inspection at the school from the date of this notice until the date of the hearing. This budget hearing is called pursuant to Section 33-801, Idaho Code as amended.

Cheri Evans, clerk
School District No. 383
Power County, Idaho

Scheduled Power Outage

There is a power outage scheduled for Arbon Valley on Thursday, June 2nd. The outage will begin at 9am and will last until approximately 3pm.

It would probably be a good idea to unplug any power strips that power sensitive devices such as computers, monitors, and televisions, until the power is completely restored.