Monday, Nov 19, 2018

Meet the Reporters

A short introduction to each of our reporters:

Valaree Estep:

Valaree has lived in Arbon back since 1951 (she moved back in 1994). She has had the unique advantage of spending time in both the southern end of Arbon as well as the northern end.  She teaches high school at Blackfoot. Valaree writes the column, “Standing on the Eastep.”

Jacob Andersen:

Jacob received his bachelors degree in computer science from BYU and an MBA from Utah State.  He is an Arbon native and enjoys web development as well as farming.


Myra Blau:

Myra has lived in Arbon since 2000 and started/ran the first library from 2003-2009. She still has over 1000 books and 150 videos in her home that are available to be used anytime. She lives in the South end of the valley and writes the column “Observations from the South End.”


Hank Fitch:

Hank has lived in Arbon all of his life and resides on the North end.  He plays football and basketball in American Falls where he currently holds the bench press weight lifting record. Hank will be attending Utah State University this fall.

James Benson:

James has lived in Arbon since May of 2010, and resides with his family in the north end of the valley. James loves animals, and has four cats of his own. His favorite hobbies are reading books and playing the piano. James is home-schooled, and also enjoys network marketing. He writes the column “Microcosmos”.