Saturday, Jan 28, 2023

Standing on the Eastep

Where in the world is Arbon?

A rbon seems to be hiding in numerous places in Southeastern Idaho. Exit 52 on I-84, states this is the Arbon Valley Exit. This spot is not a valley. No mountains come together here, opening into a valley floor. Nevertheless, people living in Big Sky claim they live in Arbon. The infamous “casino” better known as Bannock Peak is said to be in Arbon.

Let a fire start anywhere between the Power County border and the Arbon Valley Exit and it will be reported as originating in Arbon. One one occasion, citizens of Arbon attending meetings in American Falls were told to rush home for Arbon was being evacuated because of fire. Family and friends called us on the phone concerned for our welfare because all the Idaho TV stations were reporting that we were on fire. The fire was actually in the wheat fields near the Sod Farm.

We hear about wrecks, fires, and notorious citizens of the valley being arrested and puzzle who they are and search the sky for smoke. Newscasters haven’t a clue. Heaven save us if an ambulance needs to come to the valley.

The Machaud Creek and Bannock Creek areas have faded into the sagebrush. Even though folks residing along these creeks do not lay claim to being citizens of Arbon.

The idea of 23 miles between the exit and the valley is incomprehensible to some people. If your house lies anywhere north of the post office, your address is listed as Pocatello. However, is the post office located in Arbon? Most of the natives would tell you it’s in Pauline. Some claim the official starting point of Arbon is the Church Road. I used to live ten miles south of there and still thought I resided in Arbon. But then where does it end??—— in Summit, Buist, maybe Crystal?