Saturday, Jan 28, 2023

Welfare Cows


y closest neighbors are a large herd of Black Angus cows. Because they are about all I have to look at through my kitchen window I have become fascinated at some of their behaviors.

The first morning after they were moved out onto this grazing range they still came down to the entry gate and stood waiting for the truck to bring them their breakfast. I understood then what my neighbor meant when he referred to them as “welfare cows”. Even though they are standing in an extensive field of green feed, they still want the truck with the old dry hay to come feed them because it is what they are used to and it is so much less work for them.

This was even more evident the next morning.  I watched as cow after cow strode rather quickly to join the mass of black bovines who stood bawling at an old derelict truck. This truck, which vaguely resembles the truck that used to bring them their feed  has been rusting away in the same place for more than 20 years. No matter how long they stood there bawling and complaining, that old truck never brought them their meal.

I wonder what else I may learn from watching these cows other than nobody looks good scratching their rear end in public