Thursday, Feb 02, 2023

A Tribute to a Great Teacher

After a total of 22 years, Cindy Pierce has retired from teaching at Arbon Elementary School.

She came to Arbon as Cindy Bradley in 1974 after she graduated from BYU with her teaching degree and a special interest in rural education. She had applied for work in several small towns in Idaho and Colorado but luckily Steve Lusk hired her to work here. She met and married Ron in 1976 and they lived in The Cottage until they moved to Washington in 1977.

Todd Fitch was one of her early students and when asked what he remembered most about Cindy’s teaching he said he remembered Ron coming to the school and teaching them to build huge kites. One day they were playing with a kite and the string broke. It flew out into Barry Williams’ meadow and they went after it. He said they had to wade across the crick to get it so they decided to take the long way back to the school. Mrs. Peterson was very angry with them for taking so much time to come in after recess.

Cindy and Ron moved back to Arbon again in 1991. Cindy went back to work as a teacher o while their house was being built, the entire family of 6 lived in The Cottage. Robin (Neeser) Claunch was living in her double wide trailer behind The Cottage so they were neighbors as well as coworkers for those two years. Robin said Cindy is a “great friend and confidant.” She was supportive and helpful not only with teaching but also in her personal life. She loved sharing kid and grandkid stories. Robin said,

“If I had a problem I knew I could always go to Cindy. She always gave me a shoulder when I needed one.”

For the last few years I have been privileged to work with Cindy as a substitute teacher. I have found her to be very considerate and patient with the children. She worked to understand each individual and their own special needs. She has the wonderful gift of quiet diplomacy.

When I asked her if there was anything she wanted to add to this article she said, “I promise not to believe half the stuff your kids said about you if you promise not to believe half the stuff they said about me.”

I believe the intelligence and ethics of the children who have graduated from Arbon Elementary speaks volumes for the quality of the teachers.

Thank you, Cindy, for all the years of dedicated service!