Thursday, Feb 02, 2023

Students do Service

The morning of April 22, 2011 found a hoard of scrambling children descending into the barrow pits along Arbon Valley Highway. This industrious crew picked up liter located between the school and the U.S. Post Office on both sides of the highway. Even the dumpster site was spruced up of all debris. Thanks go out to Robin Claunch, Debbie Curry, and Cheri Evans for a great lesson in Civics given to the Arbon Valley students. Students participating were:Katie Ward, Shaylyn Ward, Mariah Christensen, Ethan Ward, Lawrence Campbell, Kooper Ward, Troy Kendal, Garret Williams, Cooper Evens, Mattie Ward, Lilly Weston, Makenna Hart, Grayson Williams, and Emma Kendal.