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Arbon Post Office

August 22, 2011 Anno Domini

To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to my attention that the post office located in Arbon, zip code 83212, is to be potentially dissolved. As I am a resident of Arbon and would be affected by this change, I write in order to present a number of reasons why this planned closure should not be executed. These reasons being:

(A) Distance of Post Office from Arbon:

Should the Arbon post office be dissolved, the nearest post office will be located at a distance of 30.8 miles, 51 min., accessed by an anfractuous road over a potentially dangerous mountain pass, namely, Mink Creek. This route is fraught in all seasons with precipitous grades, sudden declivities and an absence of guard-rails in certain places. In winter, this route becomes extremely hazardous, being subject to blinding snowstorms, icy tarmac, and impenetrable drifts, which may not be cleared until later in the morning. The increased distance to a post office, the treacherous nature of the road traversed, and the seasonally inclement weather conditions would greatly inconvenience many Arbon residents, including:

1. Elderly people with impaired reflexes, eyesight or hearing who are unable to safely drive long distances over questionable roads.

2. Persons with disabilities who are unable to drive a car.

3. Persons who lack the experience or confidence to drive safely through harsh winter conditions.

4. Persons who, because of time constraints or other circumstances, are only able to exit the valley infrequently.

5. Persons who frequently send packages through the post, or annually in large numbers, on such occasions as Christmas, birthdays and sundry holidays—packages which may only be shipped from a post office.

6. The mailperson who would have to drive 30.8 miles, 51 min. from Pocatello to deliver the mail to each house in Arbon.

(B) Frequency of Postal Delivery:

Should the Arbon post office be dissolved, in all probability the frequency of house-to-house postal delivery will be greatly decreased, due to distance, weather conditions, and the cost of fuel. I would anticipate delivery once, perhaps twice a week at most. This decreased frequency of mail delivery would have a negative impact on the lives of many Arbon residents, including:

1. Persons who receive medication through the mail and rely upon its prompt delivery.

2. Persons who receive bills and other financial notices through the mail. Postponed delivery of such missives could lead to serious fiscal embarrassment.

3. Persons whose employment requires them to correspond through the postal service.

(C) Employment at the Arbon Post Office:

Should the Arbon post office be dissolved, several persons presently employed at said establishment will be dismissed. Agriculture, which is the chief occupation in Arbon, is an uncertain trade, and many inexorable factors contribute to its success—or failure: temperature, rainfall, bad weather, and vicissitudes of climate. Thus, such auxiliary income as employment at the Arbon post office provides is potentially vital and sudden cessation of said income source could carry a negative impact.

In addition to these reasons, I am sure I speak for all of Arbon when I say that the service rendered by the employees at the Arbon post office has been extremely satisfactory. These persons are residents of the valley, and not only have our trust as dependable representatives of the United States Postal Service, but as friends whose company we enjoy even outside of their professional duties. We would be very sorry to miss them from the position where they have served so long and faithfully.

(D) Arbon Heritage:

A post office has existed in Arbon—in one form or another—from a time before most of us were born. It is a part of our heritage; and that—though it is but a small part in the vast drama of history—is a source of great pride to all of us. My neighbor, a venerable and esteemed member of our community, was once postmistress, and can still remember sorting the mail out of her own house. It would deal a great blow to all of us if such an important part of our legacy were to end.

If you can refute my arguments, then do so—if I have erred in in my logic in any way, I would be apprised of it. However, if you read this letter and find it logical, pragmatic and persuasive, then I beseech you to consider our plea, and to let the post office, located in Arbon, zip code 83212, remain.

Yours respectfully,

James Benson

Age: 15