Thursday, Feb 02, 2023


Webster’s dictionary defines “microcosm” as either of two things:

  1. a small community, or
  2. something which represents in miniature a larger whole.

Arbon Valley is both: a small town that is the very epitome and definition of community living, where qualities such as neighborliness, goodwill and a fine sense of humor are valued high. My family and I have lived just over a year in Arbon, and everywhere we are confronted with evidence of the incredible community spirit which permeates the soil of this unique valley. From day one, when several of our neighbors appeared to help install our belongings in the house, to the recent letter-drive, instigated to combat the powers that be who have threatened to dissolve our post office; constantly, we have seen these evidences compounded before our eyes — fulfilling themselves in the fabric of our lives! Yes, this is one microcosm I am proud to be a part of!

Sometimes I stand in the yard before my house, and simply let my gaze wander o’er the breathtaking panorama of our valley; I ponder the richness of its terrain, the rarity of its people. And I wonder . . .

What would the world be like, if everyone followed this example? If everyman loved his neighbor, even as himself — in company facing the challenges which the raw forces of nature place in our path, would there be any real problems? Is Arbon Valley the epitome of a near perfect world?

The rest of the world groans beneath the burdens of war, poverty, economic recession, and one thousand and one myriad tribulations; here, we live in peace and (if any are like me) quiet contentment — helping ourselves and each other.

T. H. White, referencing something quite different, yet not altogether dissimilar, once wrote:

“Here shall he see

No enemy

But winter and rough weather.”

Say what you like — I think it’s very appropriate. In Arbon Valley I can relax, shake off the cares of this modern world,  and enjoy life for what it really is: simple at heart, intrinsically beautiful, and eminently satisfying!

Whatever Arbon Valley may be — the epitome of perfection, a kickback to simpler times, or just a great place to live — to me it will always be home; now, and forever. And though I may travel a world away, and this day be engulfed in an eon of history, I shall always cherish in my memory the times I have spent here in this remarkable valley, this little world — this Microcosmos.