Thursday, Feb 02, 2023

Can You Believe It? Steve is Going To Retire!!!

After almost 47 years as being Arbon’s Power County Highway District foreman, Steve is going to retire.  He has helped put out fires, made and improved roads, helped during floods, assisted in any emergency, helped with mechanical problems, and has given some great advice. This list could go on forever.  What we’ll most remember is his willingness to plow our roads, morning and night during the snowy season. He would leave the comfort of his home after he has called it a day to help those of us who thought they were bigger than a blizzard, and skipped family parties and events to make sure others could make it to theirs.  He has spent most of his life serving the public, with the ever attentive help and patience of his wife CaroLynne.

Come say thanks and good luck!

December 30, 2011

1 p.m -4 p.m.

The Arbon County Shop