Saturday, Dec 03, 2022

Earth Day

As a tribute to our Mother Earth, the Arbon Elementary School decided to do something great for our community for Earth Day.   On a beautiful sunny afternoon, the kids took a two mile journey (a mile down and a mile back), from the school to the post office picking up any and all litter on the sides of the highway.  If you ever want to see some energy… follow along for this adventure!  Ears were talked off… jokes were told… and of course as you can see by the photo, there was a lot of garbage picked up!  It is amazing at how much litter can be in such a short distance!  The running thing was, that those at the end, if there were any pieces of garbage found that was missed by the other kids, then they were owed a candy bar.  I lost count on who had what tally, but it was kind of funny!

After picking up litter along the highway, the kids returned to the school… not for treats or snacks or some great reward, but to do more work!  Yes, they created some flower beds by arranging bricks kept from the old cottage and filling it with dirt.  Then they planted flowers of different kinds and some herbs.  In the end, they did get to have some play time on the playground.  Surprisingly to burn off some more energy!

I felt that it is important to post this article and give a great big THANK YOU to our Arbon Elementary School teachers, aids, and students for their great work on helping to better our community!  It looks great!