Thursday, Feb 02, 2023

Fire in the Valley! Emergency Alert System

This morning, smoke blankets the valley as a result of several fires started by lightening yesterday.  There were some close to homes and fields, but the largest resided in Knox Canyon.

One of the most important part of putting out a fire is to know about it early and to have enough people to fight the fire.  I would like to (re)-announce the Emergency Alert System that we have for Arbon Valley.

The newest part of is the Emergency Text Messaging System. It is programmed to alert people in case of any sort of valley emergency. This includes fire, earthquakes, or any other sort of emergency. To receive emergency texts all you have to do is enter your cell phone number into the Emergency Text Messaging System found at

On the 11th of July a fire was started by a lightning strike in Knox Canyon. The Emergency Text Messaging System was used for the first time and successfully alerted all those who had signed up for it. Due to the early alert, BML was notified immediately and citizens were quick to assist those in need.  Sheep were evacuated and tractors were stationed in strategic locations to protect fields and potentially homes.  A quick response can make all the difference.

This system allows news to travel more quickly to everyone in the valley. There are bound to be more fires around the valley and a quick response will be key to containing them. By signing up for the Emergency Text System you will be notified of any emergency as soon as possible. This will give you the opportunity to help protect our homes, crops, and the valley.