Thursday, Feb 02, 2023

Hay Days Report

This year’s Arbon Hay Days was a lot of fun for everyone involved! There were a lot of new faces and everyone enjoyed meeting new people and learning how they are associated with the valley. It was a great opportunity for everyone to relax, visit, and play some games.The night started off with a potluck dinner of hamburgers, hotdogs, and every salad and dessert imaginable. While enjoying dinner everyone received a raffle ticket which put them in the raffle for items that were donated from various people around the valley. The prizes included: Arbon Valley hats donated by Jacob Andersen, genuine Arbon Valley Honey donated and harvested by Ryan Weston, food storage wheat donated by Hans Hayden, and some novelty cooking items donated by Juli Fitch.

Another thing that made the hay days great was the games.

For the first game the adults and kids teamed up. The kids were given squirt guns and the adults were given candles. The objective of the game was to be the first team to get their candle out by squirting it with the squirt gun. Due to some fine aiming on the kids part, none of the adults escaped the encounter dry.

The next game was a donut eating contest with a twist. The contestants not only had to eat their donut the fastest, the donut was suspended from a string above them and they couldn’t use their hands! This game was split into three separate categories: men, women, and couples. The first to go were the men. All the contestants gave it their all but in the end Taylor came out on top. In the women’s categorie Shancy Lusk roped in the victory.The couples categorie was slightly different than the rest. In this one the woman would hold the donut above their man while he attempted to eat it. If you were lucky enough to watch this categorie compete you witnessed something truly amazing. Jen and Dave Richardson completely dominated their competition and set a record time in the process. Dave was just a machine while he wolfed down that donut, but he couldn’t have performed so well if he didn’t have his wife Jenny to use her masterful direction abilities. This performance will be talked about for generations. Following this contest, Ryan Weston presented a sing along. Everyone joined in on the singing and it was a lot of fun. Ryan’s performance concluded the scheduled program and everyone was free to do as they pleased. Many people used this time to catch up with their friends and neighbors. There were also plenty of games going on at this time. Many people joined in on a volleyball game. Others played cornhole or boche ball. There was also a water balloon throwing contest. In this contest a team of two would throw a water balloon to each other. The team that could  throw their water balloon the greatest distance without it breaking was declared the winner. Another activity to enjoy was face painting. Kids and adults alike joined in on the fun of getting their face painted. This was a great time for everyone in the valley to get together and just have fun!

Special thanks to: The Hayden family for providing the grounds. Ryan Weston for his honey donation and musical performance. Juli Fitch and Hans Hayden for their donations to the raffle. A big thanks to Jacob Andersen for the time he spent planning and making this fun filled day possible.