Saturday, Dec 03, 2022

Happy Halloween

Darkness fell that Halloween eve as the Richardardson family arrived to clean the school. Leaves were tracked everywhere inside the school making it a long tedious task before they would be finished.

The moon waning down from fullness still shone brightly in the school yard. A long high howl hung in the air. Both Jenny and Dave looked to one another but figured it was one of the many coyotes that inhabit the valley. They hurried inside and began their work.

Lately, that same howl was haunting the neighborhood regularly every night. Dogs from the school all the way to the post office were on edge, barking and howling each time it reverberated through the night.

Neighbors of the school weren’t totally sure what they were hearing. Lusks feared it may be a wolf that crossed the valley five years earlier. Rex Curry was taking no chances and walked his deck nightly with a loaded gun before retiring for the night.

Even stranger, was the fact the Estep’s dog , Rocky, had disappeared a week earlier while they were on vacation. Shancey Lusk was taking care of him and searched high and low. All she and Estep ever found was a pile of black fur matted with what they assumed to be blood. Estep figured he may have been a midnight snack for a hungry cougar coming down to the creek for water. Sure Rocky was still fleet of foot but due to age had become stone deaf, making him easy prey.

Exhausted from working two jobs, Dave told Jenny to gather the girls to head for home. He only needed to take these old brooms out to the shed, and they could be on their way. Everyone headed for the shed.

The moon flung shadows over the yard as another howl peirced the darkness. Dave moved toward the shed key inhand. Quickly he inserted the key and turned the bolt. The door creaked open revealing a pair of large red eyes, gleaming in the darkness. White foam seemed to drip from the creature’s muzzle. Jenny screamed, jumping back and thrusting the children behind her.

The beast burst out of the opening toward them grazing Dave as he passed. All they saw was a white streak lunging out toward the road. The Richardsons swiftly fled in terror, luckily unscathed.

Next morning Estep was greeted at the door by his dog , Rocky. The dog extremely thin appeared fine. However, his hair had turned gray as if frighteced by a ghost. Once again the goblins will get you if you don’t watch out!!!!!!!!!!