Saturday, Jan 28, 2023

Idaho Presidental Primary (Arbon Details)

The 2016 Idaho presidential primary is set for Tuesday, Mark 8.

Unaffiliated voters can affiliate when they sign the poll book.  Affiliated voters can use the party affiliation form to change their affiliation on election day.  Friday, March 11, is the last day to affiliate or change party affiliation before the May 17 state primary election.

For the republican party ballot, you must be affiliated with the republican party. For the constitution party ballot you must be affiliated with the constitution party. Democrats will hold a party caucus Tuesday, March 22.

A constitution party and republican party presidential-only primary election will be held Tuesday, March 8. This is a closed primary. If you choose to vote a constitution ballot or a republican ballot, you will become affiliated with that party.

Arbon residents voting details:

Location: Arbon Bible Church

Time: 8am – 8pm.

Questionss: Nancy Fitch (335-2150), Cheri evans (339-2176), Rene’ Bradley (335-2108)