Saturday, Jan 28, 2023

Students save money for new concrete hardtop

Students at a small elementary school in Arbon Valley have a new cement hardtop to play on.

With the help of the Idaho Lottery scratch for schools and other fundraisers students at Arbon Elementary School replaced an old blacktop with a new concrete playground.

“They are doing a lot of fun activities they haven’t done in a while,” said Robin Claunch, teacher.

That’s because the new hardtop kids are riding their scooters and rip boards used to be detreating.

“The cracks were getting several inches wide,” says Claunch.

The blacktop was in such bad condition that the kids played most of their games on the grass, but now they are excited to be back on the pavement.

“It’s really exciting because we can ride our rip sticks, our scooters, use roller skates, and if we set up the soccer goals we can use our rip sticks to play soccer,” said Libby Evans, student.

The project cost $12,000 to complete so the school of 16 students saved money for nearly three years. A large portion of money came from the Idaho Lottery “Scratch for Schools” which Idaho Lottery spokesman Dave Workman says is why the program is was created.

“Every school in the state has projects, every school has additional needs, and it’s one way that we help to further our mission by benefiting schools directly,” said Workman.

Students and teachers at Arbon Elementary say it wasn’t easy for a school of their size to raise large amounts of money but the end result was worth it.

“They love it even though it has taken out a few bruises, a few scrapes and stuff but they love being able to come out here and play,” said Claunch.

The elementary school now plans on saving more to expand the rest of their playground.


This article was written by Jason Borba from KPVI 6.  Thank you, Jason, for permission to repost!