Saturday, Dec 03, 2022


The Bolingbroke family was another large homesteading family in Arbon. Charles, the son of LDS immigrants from England, came to the valley to homestead just before the turn of the century (1900). They settled on Bannock Creek, about a mile east of the current Arbon Elementary school. A Bolingbroke cabin still exists, north of the school, across and a little north of the garbage dumpster, in which the two bachelor brothers, Edward and Alfred, lived out their lives. This cabin is possibly the first homestead cabin for the Bolingbroke family. Bolingbrokes farmed in the Arbon Valley until Glen (son of Ephraim and Zella) died in 2012. The last Bolingbroke to live in the valley was Dale, Glen’s brother, who died in 2017. Today there aren’t any roads in Arbon named for the Bolingbroke surname, but many people don’t know that “Eph Road” is named after Ephraim Bolingbroke, the son of John Henry and grandson of Henry Mitchel Bolingbroke, two early homesteaders.