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Don Jenson

Don and Connie jenson

Don Jenson

Don Sylvester Jenson was born in 10 August 1902 to Joseph Christensen Jenson and his second wife, Alice Girdlestone Smith.  Don had an older half-brother from his father’s first marriage, and an older brother who had not lived a year.

Don’s life in Arbon was not without challenges.  When he was a teenager, Don’s little brother, eight-year-old Vaughn, was killed in one of the fields when the team of horses Vaughn was driving ran away with him and he fell beneath the disc plow. The young boy died almost immediately.  Don and his other brother Clyde, who was only eleven, were the only ones there when the accident happened.

At age twenty-four, Don was called on a mission to the eastern states Mission.  He left January 6, 1926, and honorably returned December 16, 1927.

Don married Constance Evans on 1 February 1928 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple.  Connie was the daughter of Thomas B. Evans and Susanna Smith, Arbon homesteaders. Connie was born 7 March 1906 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, but lived in Arbon with her parents from her babyhood.  Don and Connie had two daughters, Susan Adele Jenson, born in 1931; and Marilyn.

Don lived in Arbon Valley until he bought a home in 1940 in Pocatello. Don died in 22 February 1968, and was buried in Pocatello. Connie lived a long time after his death.  She passed away in October, 2001, and was buried in Pocatello.


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