Sunday, Sep 22, 2019

Perkins Eggs

We are selling Farm Fresh Eggs. Most of the eggs are brown & light brown. We have three hens that lay light green eggs. The eggs are all natural, with calcium added to the laying mash. We feed them Laying Feed of 16% crumbles, Scratch Grain, Oyster Shell and Hayden Wheat. We spoil our girls with Dried Mill Worms.

The eggs would be considered Jumbo to Extra Large in the stores. Our young hens have started laying, their eggs are small but will get bigger. We separate the small eggs off and sell at a cheaper price.

We do not wash our eggs as it takes the natural preservative off. We will wash if they are a mess, but those are the ones we put in our fridge to cook with.

We are looking forward to providing Arbon with Farm Fresh Eggs at a very reasonable price. Just for your information, when you want to hard boil fresh eggs you need to STEAM them for 20 minutes. If you boil them they will be hard to peel.  Store eggs are usually 1-2 months old when you buy them. This is why you can Boil them and they are easy to peel.

Perkins Eggs by Claylon & Shanna Perkins
3853 Mink Creek Rd
208 335-2207